Natural Skin Care

Natural skin care embodies a trend to go back to the basics. More women are realizing the harsh affects that chemical laden products can have on their skin. They want to see results, but the side effects often cause worse problems than what they are trying to cure. Working with women's skin over the years I have seen it all. There is nothing more unnerving than trying to apply makeup to a woman, whose skin peels off in your hands. Whether trying to combat acne or the signs of aging women are subjected to harsh products and their skin is left red and irritated. While many of these products are effective, some women are looking for an alternative approach in natural skin care.

The natural skin care alternative

Natural skin care bypasses the chemicals in favor of natural ingredients. Nature offers a virtual medicine cabinet of ingredients that targets a range of skin care issues. These gentle yet effective ingredients are now causing quite a stir in the cosmetic arena.

Pick up any natural skin care products and you will read such ingredients as green tea, caffeine, shea butter, and aloe Vera. Green tea itself is a powerful anti-oxidant and aides in fighting off the effects of environment and stress on your skin. Caffeine is a newer ingredient on the cosmetic market aimed at reducing puffiness and calming. These are only some of the ingredients you will find in this new wave of beauty products. Don't be afraid to ask questions about ingredients; if the sales person mentions it has jojoba oil ask what it will do for your skin.

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