Tips to Style Natural Curly Hair

People born with natural curly hair often find their hair corase, frizzy and difficult to manage, and as a result, their styling possibilities seem limited. I've heard many of my friends with natural curly hair complaint that they don't know how to style their hair and just let it be. But, there are some easy and quick ways to style natural curly hair. Read on.

1. Smoothing it with a little gel and blow drying

For people with natural curly hair, it's ok to keep it down and loose. But a little gel and blow dry effect will surely smooth the frizz and make you look polished and radiant.

2. Highlighting it

A best bet to keep your natural curly hair look stylish and vibrant. Choose some bright hue, such as blonde or bronze to go with your hair.

3. Braiding it or making a ponytail

If you have loose curls, another way of keeping it look stylish can be braiding it or tieing it into a pony.  You could try a full braid, a side braid, a high/low pony, all giving you a remarkable and fresh look.

Take your natural curly hair as a bless and try the above tips to make a big style statement!

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