4 Natural Ways to Make Hair Grow Faster

Cut your hair really short on an impulse and want it back desperately? I've been there. 6 months ago, right after I got my waist length hair cut into a chin level bob, I realized how wrong I was. So I searched around the internet, read beauty books and even talked to my doctor, hoping for find some ways to make my hair grow as fast as possible. Luckily, I found some natural home remedies that really work for me:

1. Adding minced onion to shampoo

Peal down several pieces from an onion, mince them and add into the shampoo. Then leave it there for about 15 days and start using it regularly. Sounds weird, right? I read about it in a beatify magazine and thought I could give it a try. Glad that I did. 3 weeks later I found my hair about 2 inches longer and looked healthier and shinier.

2. Massage the sculpt with grapeseed oil

This is an old natural hair care remedy. Since it is good for hair health, I believe it will help hair growth. So I massage my sculpt with a few drops of grapeseed oil every day before bedtime.

3. Sleep with braids

My mom told me this little trick.It is said that hair grows faster if you braid it and sleep with the braid for the whole night. It seemed to work, only that I had to straighten it every morning after I woke up and unbraided it.

4. Trim hair a bit every month

Who’s the first one to tell this tip? No idea. But all my friends say they’ve heard about it, so do I. So I trimmed the ends a little bit every month, and felt happy to notice that it did grow faster for the first a few days after trimming.

Now my hair is about shoulder length, a much faster growth than I expected. But it doesn’t mean that these remedies suit everybody. Talk to your doctor first before you try.

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