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Natural Hair Care

Natural hair care can be done in the privacy of your own home for a fraction of the cost of salon treatments.

Many men and women spend tons of money in beauty salons for simple things they can do at home with a little time and research. The benefits are not only the money saved but also the convenience and privacy of doing it in your own home. However, the idea of home beauty care conjures up images for some of Lucy Ricardo in the episode where she wrecks her hair before her big night out. More»

Natural Hair Care Tips

3 great recipes of homemade hair conditioner based on olive oil
Have you ever thought about using olive oil as hair conditioner? It doesn’t sound too fantastic, but olive oil is really great for your hair and scalp also. Olive oil treats the majority of hair...
Natural ways to boost your hair’s shine
Healthy, shiny hair is the basic element for a great hairstyle. Here below are some natural ways to boost your hair shine.
Healthy hair habits
kim kardashian is one of the most beautiful women in the world, and her shiny hair makes us green with envy. With some knowledge in your mind, her luscious locks can be yours.
Natural Hair Care Tips to Protect Hair from Sun Rays
The harsh summer rays are not only damaging to our skin but also to our hair, as hair is the first to be exposed to the sun rays. If we don't take proper protection against the sun, hair will loose...
Natural Hair Care
Natural hair care that can be done in the privacy of your own home for a fraction of the cost of salon treatments.
How to Take Care of Naturally Curly Hair
If you are born with naturally curly hair, you probably feel it extremely difficult to take care of it as naturally curly hair easily becomes frizzy and hard to manage, especially in rainy days. But...


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