Natural Cosmetics Tips

Cosmetic and makeup tips of how to achieve the natural look with minimal effort yet to maximum effect without damage.

5 Home Made Cosmetics using Honey
We love natural products and what is more natural than honey? Either you already knew it or not, honey is the friend of our skin. Honey contains antioxidants and multiple proprieties which help the...
Best Natural Cosmetics for Your Skin Type
Today many people prefer natural cosmetics, saying they are natural and healthy for the skin. It's true, but not that you can use any natural cosmetics regardless of your skin type. What works for one...
How to Achieve a Natural Makeup Look
Today more and more people favor a natural makeup look. As what they say, wear makeups like you are not wearing any. Here's how you can achieve a perfect natural makeup look.
Natural Mineral Cosmetics
There is an abundance of cosmetics on the market today that claim to be pure, natural, organic, and so forth. The truth to the matter is that there is no such thing as 100% pure natural cosmetics,...
Natural Makeup Tips
Makeup tips and suggestions of how to achieve the natural look with minimal effort yet to maximum effect.
Natural Makeup
You see 'natural' in print everywhere these days, but in the true sense, there are very few such industries out there. I mean really natural. And I'm not referring to toiletries. No, this is makeup,...
Makeup Beauty Tips
Makeup beauty tips that help you look cool when the weather is hot. Looking stylish and relaxed is a difficult business when temperatures soar, especially when heat is accompanied by high humidity.
Bad Ingredients in Cosmetics
More than 38,000 cosmetic injuries requiring medical attention are reported annually in the United States according to Dr. Samuel S. Epstein (Safe Shopper's Bible Pages 182 & 183). Ingredients in...