4 Tips to Grow Longer Eyelashes Naturally

Who doesn't want longer eyelashes? They are a universal symbol of beauty. But not everyone is born with long eyelashes. In that case, many of you might have tried many products, such as mascara and fake eyelashes that will make your eyelashes look longer. But that's fake. Actually there are some ways you can grow longer eyelashes naturally. They are healthy and safe; try now!


1. Brush your lashes regularly.

Like hair, lashes also needed regular brushing, which stimulates growth.

2. Apply Vitamin E

Once every week, apply Vitamin E to your eyelashes with a clean eyelash brush to make it strong.

3. Apply overnight cool green tea


Don't waste your green tea because you've left it overnight. Apply a tiny amount on your eyelashes  in the morning and you will see how effectively it works in a few days.

4. Eat more healthily

You diet provides proper nutrition for eyelashes to grow.  Anything that makes your hair grow also will help your eyelashes grow naturally.



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