5 Effective Natural Hair Loss Treatment

Having hair loss problem for a long time? While shampoos, conditioner or medicines have failed you, why not try some natural treatments?

The following 5 natural hair loss treatment might help you stave off thinning hair.

1. Take vitamins, especially Vitamin A and E
We all know that vitamins are important for our health, and so it is for our hair. A lot of hair loss problems are found to be caused by lack of some kind of vitamins. Vitamin A keeps healthy production of sebum in the scalp, vitamin E stimulates blood circulation to maintain the production effectiveness of the hair follicles and vitamin B contributes to melanin.

2. Massage the scalp a few minutes each day.
Massage the scalp could stimulate good blood circulation of the scalp, and thus keep hair follicles active. So use your hands to massage the scalp each day and you will see the long term benefits.  Improve the effect by using a few drops of lavender, bay essential oil, or sesame oil.

3.  Ditch your old shampoo for new herb ones
In a lot of cases, people start to lose hair because they use a same shampoo for too long. If you've through the same shampoo for a year, it's time to change it. Go look for those with herb ingredients, such as saw palmetto, nettle root or rangoli henna.

4.  Apply warm green tea
Green tea contains antioxidants that promote hair growth and prevent hair loss. Each time after you shampoo your hair, pull a cup of green tea onto your hair, leave on for one hour and rinse.

5.  Try natural hot oil treatments
Natural oil serves as a wonderful conditioner for hair. Any natural oil could do - safflower, canola, or olive. Heat the oil till it gets warm but not too hot, apply it all over the scalp and massage for 5 minutes, then put on a shower cap for about an hour. Rinse hair and you will find hair with more luster and shine, which improves hair health and mitigate hair loss.


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